Reflection On Third Year Student

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Introduction This essay will reflect on the interview of a 3rd year student by using the eco-systemic model and theories of learning as a reflection of this particular student. Firstly it will look at the description of developmental stages that includes the age of a student regarding their learning experiences. It will also look at barriers of learning using eco-systemic model that includes barriers at the level of individual, home and family, school and community. The strengths and resilience that would assist the student using the eco-systemic model will be describe reflecting on the level of a student as an individual, at home, school and community. Lastly, the illustrations of the ways that would assist the student to strengthen the student at any level by reflecting in my interview experience, and how this learning theories could be used to help the student in his or learning. Developmental stages The human life span may differ from time to time. Developmental stages study focuses on changing definition, differentiation and social experiences of the phases of individual development. In this study we will reflect on developmental stages by looking at the cognitive development and psychosocial development of a student. Cognitive development is one of those terms in psychology that includes a multiple types of behaviours, such as development of memory, intelligence, and problem solving etc. Cardwell and Flanagan (2003, p: 82) cognitive development “refers to any and all
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