Reflection On Time Management

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Time management: Time management is a very crucial component if you are willing to have a productive lifestyle. To be honest, I have always had issues with managing my time efficiently. This problem had become a huge obstacle once I got into college. Thus, attending a lecture that focuses on time management helped me a lot with this problem by introducing me to different aspects related to time management: planning, SMART goals, and important/urgent matrix. Learning to make a specific plan for my daily tasks and make a to-do list to make my day as productive as possible is something very helpful which was advised to me by the instructor of this lecture Mr. Irfan. What I mean by specific is that it is time-specific and nature-specific. In addition, I have always heard of the term SMART but I did not give it my attention because I thought it would be just like many other useless methods of time management. However, the way this lecture illustrated this term or method is very unique and has helped me in implementing this method in my daily life. For instance, a goal should be time-based, for years I used to set goals or tasks and never put a deadline or timeframe, so I keep procrastinating until I lose track of time and eventually finishing the task in as imperfect way or not finishing it at all. So after being exposed to SMART, now each time I set a new goal or task, I directly put a deadline or timeframe. Another amazing thing from the lecture is important/urgent matrix to
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