Reflection On Transformation

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Transformation Success is a very flexible term. What is considered as an accomplishment by someone may not be the same for someone’s else. Its definition is various depending on one’s specific life objectives and experience. While majority of people tend to correlate success to wealth, jobs, and social status, I believe that its meaning is not merely concerned with the realm of material. The notion of success has a firm correlation to mentality as well as emotion, for those are the two fundamental keys constituting successfulness. Personally for me, the capability and desire to truthfully reform oneself to be a better and an improved person is the actual description of success. It is all started from the intrinsic motivation someone’s own, and that is how my journey’s commenced. To begin, I always get the first-ten rank since elementary school until senior high school. At that time, I found studying as an exciting thing because of rewards that would be obtained. Therefore, I made my best effort in studying and doing the tasks. Be excellent in accomplishing schoolworks was the only thing that I thought could facilitate and lead someone to success. Hence, increasing academic achievement has always been my focus. Consequently, I did not socialize much for it seems to impede school performance. It happened until my second year in college. My first experience being involved in an organization was initiated due to my interest of faith. I joined an Islamic forum in around
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