Reaction Paper About Trauma

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I can 't even begin to tell you about how I have been overwhelmed by the way that trauma has been overlooked or underrated. As a mental health provider, I have gotten quite a few experiences with it myself. Let us mention how, I have learned to accept the fact that, personally, I had to deal with my own traumatic experiences. I have become good at identifying denial in sessions with my clients, but I had gotten even better at, not acknowledging my personal encounters with trauma. I read the other day, how culture could be a determinant factor in identifying trauma. You see, some environments have certain levels of tolerance since their antidote for trauma is to ignore it or beat it to to the curve. This in response affects the way that a person copes and deals with trauma. This is something that will carry over as unresolved baggage, yikes!! Who is up to take some unresolved baggage? Since I started counseling, I can tell you that, properly assessing for trauma is so important. However, most times if the client does not report any trauma…show more content…
Well, trauma is defined as an event that is either experienced directly or witnessed by someone, which results in psychological and/or emotional distress. That means that trauma will have to be identified by the person itself. I have known more than a handful of persons that have experienced either physical or sexual abuse, and when asked about the trauma their answers are as simple as, "I am good, I have moved on" "It is what it is, nothing that I can do now" "It was not a problem for me". It saddens me because this type of mindset sabotages their path to healing. See, these same persons will also have difficulties establishing stable relationships, are codependent, people pleasers, have an addiction, engage in risky behaviors, get depressed, anxious, become a perfectionist, have little or no emotion regulation, and lack self-esteem among other things. And how can one heal the symptom without healing the
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