Reflection On Trivia Day

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Reflection on 4th June It was a special day at school for me since I had a test lesson. I was under pressure and it was the first time that I had a test lesson. I decided to teach in 8th grade, level A an article which tells briefly the story behind the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. I was under pressure since I didn’t know the students in this class before and thus, I found it a bit challenging to plan this lesson. Before the lesson, I wrote on the board the topic of the lesson and I had an opportunity to meet some of the students during the break. At the beginning of the lesson, I introduced myself. In order to save time, I gave the students stickers and asked them to write their names on them and put it on their shirts while I read their names. Then, I told them to look at the topic of the lesson- trivia games and asked them what are trivia games, if it is possible to win a trivia game without cheating and what is the role of luck in these games. I elicited information from the students and then gave them a short definition of trivia games. Afterwards, I divided the students into two groups and told them that they are going to play a trivia game in class. I gave them instructions and told them that during the game they were not allowed to use their cellphones or their tablets. Each group was asked five questions and I think that the students found this activity very interesting since most of them participated and they worked together. Then, I asked the students if it

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