Reflection On True Friendship

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In Reflections on True Friendship, Andrew O’Hagan talked about the friendship and how the social media replaced the meaning of real friendship. This article presented in an essay form to show the friendship between he and his friend, Mark MacDonald and the effect of social media in nowadays. The author’s wrote this article about the story between he and his friend and the importance and weakness of using social media, especially make friends with other people through social media. This section contains a summary of Reflections on True Friendship. Andrew O’Hagan began his article by say the story of friendship between he and his friend, Mark MacDonald. Mark was his great friend and secret weapon at the age of 12. The writer would do anything and said everything that had happened to Mark. In the article, the author had wrote that “Mark had Crohn’s disease; he was often in hospital” (2), but they had already planned their adventured for the summer. The author haven’t saw Mark in 30 years before they vanished from each other’s lives. The second…show more content…
The author felt that nowadays people making friends through social media blindly without knowing each other. They just shared and downloaded nothing through the social media. I can feel that the author had doubt about the meaning of friendship in today’s society because contemporary friendship were not same as his time in which is replaced honest with friends by the “watch and click” (4) through the social media. I felt that author cannot accept this kind of friendship. Besides that, author also had written that “lack of friendship that makes an unhappy marriage.”(4). I realized that this phenomenon always occurred because people will only known the surface behavior of other people and didn’t known the idea of hearts of that person. After marriage, they just knew was not suitable for each
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