Reflection On Tuition Debt

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To begin with, I want to speak out about how influential tuition debt can be when deciding between continuing graduate school versus dropping out entirely. Prior to entering the Air Force, I was attending graduate school at a private research university at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Before I enrolled at Case, I was already in substantial debt to begin with. I had lost all my financial aid in my sophomore year due to an error from FAFSA, which forced my hand to pay tuition with credit cards for the remaining semesters until I sorted it through with FAFSA. I ultimately had to take private loans and borrow more money from credit cards until FAFSA reinstated my loans which came too little, too late. I ended up graduating with both honors and a substantial debt. Once I got word that I was accepted into Case, I’d promised myself I would finish my masters without letting the fear of debt stop me. No matter how strong wishful thinking may be, it can never change reality, and it was reality that sent me back home. I realized how urgent my financial situation was when I was at Case, which ultimately lead me to drop out before my first semester ended. I know full well I would have run out of my loan options before I would be able complete my degree, considering how close I was to maxing out my loans, so I was left with little choice and little money. When I returned home, I felt shame and defeat. However, my luck did turn around when I got a good paying job
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