Reflection On Twelfth Night

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Mubin Hira PERFORMANCE TREATMENT #1 Going to my first play ever was an experience that I will always remember. Being brand new to the theatre world, I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the grand Krannert Center. It was a different atmosphere; almost unreal. Attending Twelfth Night, or What You Will in person was an amazing experience. Not only was it entertaining but, it gave the work an interpretation that I wouldn’t have gotten if I had only read the play. Being in the same room as the actors and being apart of the audience really gave the story a rich meaning. For example, I laughed with the actors and audience in the show when the jester was teasing the other characters. Experiencing laughter in that atmosphere really gave life to the words that they were saying. Comparing this to watching a recorded piece, it would be completely different because you wouldn’t be able to participate in the emotional aspect of the play with…show more content…
They used “virtuosity” to really help connect with the audience in a surreal way. The actors not only were playing a role but it really felt that the original actors were genuinely there. They took the role they were given and really made it their own. They did this by changing their voice tone by pitch and also by using body gestures. By them doing this it gave the audience an awesome experience to connect with the actors. At times I even forgot that they were actors and not real characters. I think that the actors did an amazing job at creating the characters. An example of an actor that used “virtuosity” is Feste. Feste used “virtuosity” with his humor, he really made the audience laugh. He is a prime example of a character who really manifested themselves. Another example of how he used “virtuosity” is with his body. He really made sure that his body was making the same movements as a joker
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