Reflection On What I Have Learned In Technical Writing

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I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have learned in this technical writing class. As I reflect back on the last five weeks of this course, I have learned a lot and find myself trying to apply what I’ve learned to my work life.
This class has made me more aware of the audience I am writing to and has helped me with my documentation at work. It has broadened my knowledge on how to write objectively, clear, and concise. I have learned that technical writing has many formats and is actually more exciting than I first imagined. Also, I have learned that technical writing requires a great deal of thinking and planning, prior to writing a document. I didn’t realize how often technical writing is used in our daily lives. This class has given me knowledge on how to write documents that are consistent, easily navigable, and the importance of emphasizing information. Such as with the Instructions assignment and revising that, I was able to see where I could make things easier to navigate and design it in a way that was readable and accessible. Another thing I learned would be how to structure a sentence, this I use more often on a daily basis in helping my sentences flow more easily.
The assignments I’ve done over the last five weeks, I noticed were built upon each other. I have learned that the first thing to writing effectively, is to identify the intended audience. In doing so, that makes it easier to write a document that is clear and concise. And with the intended audience in mind,

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