Reflection On Why Human Services Organizations Are Clients

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The terms "clients," "patients," and "consumers" will mean something different to a person who has no knowledge about those terms used for individuals at human service organizations. I can not speak for everyone, but if I was not pursuing a career in social work, and knew nothing about it, I would think of those terms as someone who is sick. An individual who has some type of illness he/she may have. It would be in a way as to me judging an individual based on those terms, without trying to research, or gain knowledge about those terms and the reasons to them. I would have the mindset of those type of individuals being in and receiving services in a mental institution. However, based on the knowledge I have about those terms, social work, human service organizations, and etc., I can use better judgment to use those terms in a positive way than in a negative way.…show more content…
A client(s) is a person/group of individuals I am taking the time to help. I view them as clients, as an individual who wants/needs help and services that I can possibly help him/her with. The term "clients" to me is an ordinary person who is seeking someone for

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