Reflection On World Changers By Creflo Dollar Church

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When all the odds are stacked against you
When you are sick in body, soul or spirit, command your body to come into line with the Word of God. Mediate on His Word day and night.
I now attend World Changers Creflo Dollar Church (Gold Coast) and one of Creflo’s sermons has changed my life. Creflo Dollar says Jesus had already done everything for us on the Cross, light the electricity he has abundantly supplied for us. The Lord has given us the power to FLIP THE SWITCH and walk in the authority given to us. FLIP THE SWITCH and His power goes on.
If I had applied these principles a little quicker, I know I would I been totally healed. The word says that ‘By His Stripes we were healed’ (Isaiah 53:5). So the moment I was prayed over, I was healed.
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I pray that you too will come to know Him. As you invite Him into your life, you will find the beginning of a miracle taking place.
Just say a simple prayer, believe it and Jesus will come in and share your life. You might find the simple prayer written here helpful or you could use your own words (remember, Jesus speaks all languages!)
PRAYER OF SALVATION: “Lord forgive me for all my sins. I turn away from my old life and come to you now. I believe that Jesus died on the Cross for me and was resurrected on the third day to give me eternal life. Jesus, please come into my heart today and be my Lord and Saviour.”
Finally, I would encourage you to find a Church where you will be taught to grow in God’s Word and where people will pray with you and encourage you in your new life. Build a net-work of friends who will sustain you with their prayers when you are going through hard times and, no matter how big your problems see, never NEVER give up. Greater is in you than in the world.
Once surrendered, command and decree that all things line up with the word of God. It is a promise and Christ now lives in You.
All power and authority is
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