Writing 102 Reflective Essay

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As I am near the end of my writing 102 course, I have been reflecting on my experience and studies this semester . while the course was focused on the study of English writing. The lessons that I took were extremely useful. I will demonstrate how did this course helped me improve my self knowledge, writing knowledge, and critical knowledge. The writing 102 course helped me understand many things about the way I think and they way I handle things, it improved my Self knowledge .When I left the writing 101 course and entered the writing 102 course I thought that this course would be very easy since it is similar to 101. At the beginning I believed that my writing abilities are up to the 102 level, When I started writing my first essay which…show more content…
In the writing 102 I was able to improved my writing knowledge. Throughout the writing 102 course I was able to improve many critical thinking skills such as. expressing my ideas clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas, including my reflective and independent thinking, Understanding the links between ideas, and determining the importance and relevance of arguments and ideas. In addition to the critical thinking skills I learned a lot about the process of academic writing. I learned how to find, gather and manage my ideas. For example I used an outline to write both my argumentative essay and the synthesized essay. The outline was really helpful since it gathered my ideas in an organized way. In addition I learned how to plan and structure my essay. For instance while thinking about the synthesized essay and the amount of resources needed to write it, I made a plan which helped me manage everything on time. Planning for the structure of my essay helped me use a good amount of recourses and write a good essay. Since I am still in my Freshman year I think that such skills are going to be very helpful in the future. I think that I will be using what I learned from this course in many other courses including, Surveying lab, writing 204, and many other courses. This shows how significant this course

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