Reflection On My Attitude To The Subject Of Composition

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1. What was your attitude to the subject of composition before this course? Did you enter into the course with certain notions about writing and your ability to compose?

Before I had entered this subject of composition, my attitude was positive knowing that this subject was going to be challenging. I had entered this course with some understanding about writing and composing with the help of a previous class with Ms. Jamie. Without having the previous class, I would have struggled tremendously.

2. Has your attitude or understanding of your writing process changed since the beginning of this semester? If so, what influenced these changes? If not, what could have helped you more?

I do believe that my attitude has changed since the beginning of this semester. The reason is that I do motivate myself to improve in all areas. These changes are influenced by a desire to succeed in everything and to be a model for my children.

3. What do you consider the most
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I have already placed these two areas with my personal life and children. These skills have aided me in assisting my children with their homework and with co-workers.

7. Has this course prepared you to compose further college-level writing for future courses?

This course has prepared me for future college-level writing courses. Although I may feel confident, there is always something new to learn. I am grateful that when I needed help there was always someone to help me. Sometimes it may have taken a few times to understand what I was doing, but I overcame the hurdle.

8. Some of these future college courses will require independent research-based technical writing. Do you feel that you are prepared to meet the requirements of a research-based technical course? If so, what have you learned in this class that you believe will be useful? If not, what improvements to the course would you suggest to better prepare

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