Yoga Reflection

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It is my personal mission to practice yoga three times a week and focus on my core. I need core stability to support my organs and my spine as well as to have a healthy posture. With that added strength, I look forward to learning and adding new poses to my practice.”
Why yoga
When I was first introduced to yoga 15 years ago, I started with Sri Ramakrishna Mission in Hyderabad. At the time, I saw the practice as an extension of my workout routine. With a background in gymnastics and modern dance, my body quickly adapted to the asanas. I found some of the poses challenging and would sometimes lose patience, but I always felt great after my practice so I kept coming back to the mat.
But it was only after about 6 years that something in me started
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I was ready to embrace the part of myself that yoga would lead me to. From my first time on my mat I began to sense my own healing. I truly felt the union that yoga creates. At that moment, that time of my life, it was so comforting to experience myself in that way, to experience my healing. I loved the way my body felt in the poses, the clarity my practice brought, and the inner strength my practice cultivated.
Why practice yoga?
I attended a class at my local yoga center. In the first yoga class I took, I still remember the rush I got when we took the shape of Ardha Chandrasana, half moon pose. I was immediately drawn to the way yoga strengthened and relaxed my muscles, improved my circulation, sharpened my mind, and brought a sense of calm well-being.
What has drawn me yet deeper into the tradition of yoga are its subtle effects. Groundedness, focus, patience and calm, better energy flow, and the ability to relax into challenging real-life situations. Cultivating a regular meditation practice and pranayama work have brought growth, depth, and introspection. The overall picture is one of more clarity, creativity, and authenticity from moment to
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It was established in the year 1924 by Swami Kuvalyananda. It is an institute, which follows the classical school of Yoga and considers Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Hathpradipika as its main source of teaching apart from other traditional texts. It has imbibed the scientific research as an important component of its teaching. The world is a witness of a variety of Yoga being propagated. At this juncture, it is important that Kaivalyadhama shoulders the responsibility to reach the message of its founder to farthest corner of the world, with an aim to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the

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