Reflection On Your Own Development Essay

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STUDY UNIT 1 REFLECT ON YOUR OWN DEVELOPMENT. WHAT DO YOU THINK PLAYED THE BIGGEST ROLE IN YOUR DEVELOPMENT? My development was quite a journey until where I am presently. I was raised by both my parents and my grandmother. The factors that happened through my life played a huge role and have made me the person I turned out to be today. I believe what played the most critical role in my life is the fact that I had full support from my parents and they are very loving and caring. It was a good environment or rather a good institution for raising children. This helped me grow and develop normally and experience a lot of challenges which were positive for me because I learned a lot from them and they helped me discover many things. It was quite a blessing because I was the first child, mom and dad had no experience of raising a child before, they did not know anything at all that had to do with raising a child. I personally think that whatever they did worked, because now I am a full grown woman who is very responsible and accountable I can see that the way they supported me has helped me a lot and it is the one thing that contributed most in my development. It has taught me to learn to support others, to help those in need and generally to show sympathy at all times. YOU’RE ENVIRONMENT OR YOUR GENETICS? The most other important point is the environment in which I was raised and grew up in, my nurture played a significant role. The way or the manner in which I was raised plays

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