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When your friend is going through a bad day or an unfortunate situation, should you give them compliment or should you express your care to them? How about this situation: you saw your friend’s drawing and it was beautiful. You want to let her know that her painting is amazing. What should you say? In the previous lessons, you have learnt about expressing care and compliment. Do you still remember how to show care or give compliment to other people? Let’s refresh your mind! When someone is going through a tough time, what you need to give them is your care, not compliment. Therefore, in the first case, you should express your care. In the second case, you want to appreciate what your friend does. So, complimenting them is the right response to the second situation. Now, let’s take a look at the following dialogue. Analyze the situation that they are involved in and then highlight the expression(s) that the speakers say in that situation. Alya : Hi, Zidan! Zidan : Hi, Alya! Alya : You look different. What did you do to your hair? Zidan : Don’t you know? This is the new trend. Alya : Really? Well, that actually suits you. I like your new hairstyle better than the old one. You look more groomed now. Zidan : That’s very nice of you. You are the first person to say that. Anyway, did you join the singing competition you told me about? Alya : Yes, I did. Zidan : Really? How was it? Did you make it? Alya : It’s quite unbelievable. I made it to the final! Zidan : Oh my god.

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