Reflection Paper About Feminism

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It delights me that a society once as patriarchal as the Philippines can now express the reality of feminism. The reality that feminism is a world view—a way of thinking, and a way of life—that in its plainest sense, demands for equal rights and treatment for men and women socially, politically, economically, and culturally. It seems so simple, and it is. Through brilliant, powerful, and resilient female role models such as the Powerpuff girls, Hermione Granger, and my very own mother , I’ve been fortunate enough to get an early start in feminism. Although, in my 7 year old brain, the idea that men and women should be treated equally should be so basic and uncomplicated that the need for feminism was nothing else but an ideal that didn’t need any more collective action. I’ve always been confident that I can do the same things that boys do, and I was convinced that all women reap the benefits of equal rights, and were treated justly. I thought that being labelled as a feminist was nothing but a cherry on top of the ice cream that is political correctness. But being exposed to such inequalities in things as little as being called out with such disrespect whenever I expressed an opinion that a 7 year old boy would have been admired and applauded for told me otherwise. I can express nothing else but firm agreement to the point that feminism is something more than a belief, it is a movement and a disposition. It requires the critical understanding that power structures exist,
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