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The word love has many different variations and will always be different to everyone that is asked what love is. To me, love is this feeling of peace and excitement that overcomes a person, and you realize you would do anything for them. It is when you feel a deep connection and sense of affection for someone. When you see the person, you love you should have butterflies in your heart and get a slight adrenaline rush. In a future potential partner, I seek a man with brown hair and green eyes that is very intelligent. I find it very attractive when men have a tall and wide build. It makes me feel safe when a guy's frame is significantly taller and broader than mine. As far as occupation, I think it is charming for a man to know a lot about behavior.…show more content…
On the test, I scored a ten on quality time, nine on physical touch, eight on words of affirmation, three on acts of service and zero on receiving gifts. From these results, I can see my primary love language is quality time closely followed by physical touch which is then followed by words of affirmation. The weakest of my love languages is receiving gifts, which does not surprise me because I always feel like it's a waste of someone's time to get me a gift even if they are getting the gift to show their love for me. This ideology could also explain why my score on acts of service was low. Also, the low scores for receiving gifts and acts of service make sense because I was always taught to be very independent growing up; therefore, I am a very independent person. I struggle to let my significant other do things for me in our relationship. When he tries to do something, so I don't have to, I always end up stopping him and doing it myself. Moving on, I was not shocked to learn my strongest love language is quality time. I feel as if my quality time score was the highest because I do not like to be alone and I love to spend time with people that I love even if we are doing nothing but merely sitting together. I can't stand it when people don't appear to be listening to me or fail to make eye contact now and then because I don't feel as if they are genuinely comprehending everything I am

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