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Emotion is difficult to define because there is no fixed definition that can explain what emotion is. However, researchers tend to define emotion as an essential tool as a source of motivation and producing behaviors (Tastin, 2014). Emotion plays a major role in human daily interactions. In today’s modern world for example, you probably noticed that, companies have different strategies in playing our emotions through their brand products such as use attractive colours or use desirable slogans to attract and buy their products (Chakraborti & Roy, 2013). We have expressed countless emotions since we were born that cannot be described in single word. Every emotion that we share has a story to tell which can be expressed verbally through language or non-verbal through movements. People can see our emotion through what we portrayed ourselves in front of them such as our facial expression and also listen through our voices. In this paper, emotions will be presented from negative to positive emotions. These emotions have been emerged throughout four months of the semester and negative emotions tend to become dominant that happened in my life. Anger Anger is one of the powerful negative emotions that can be harmful to the person itself because it absorbs the energy of the person in responding the target. According to Tastin (2014) anger occurs when the individuals were treated unfairly or inadequate in social integration. Throughout this semester I felt anger toward my friends and

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