Reflection Paper

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Ever since I was a little girl I can remember my parents saying that I needed to do this or that because it reflects what type of family I was raised into. My family is very well known in a small little town in Northern Michigan. Anything that I did that was against my parents expectations was corrected in private, and then expected next time we went out. My family was persistent on being represented well. They valued things like respect. My mom grew up in a family where they all went to a catholic church every sunday so it is viewed as a ritual that my she always took part in. Therefore, if she was to go to church, then I was too. From the time that I was a baby until I was 16 I never had the choice to choose what I wanted or what I believed. So how was I supposed to understand other religious views that people held if I wasn’t able to learn about them? The day I questioned my own religion was the day that I became myself. I started reading. I started learning. I started meditating. I explored the unknown natural surrounding that had never been exposed to me.
I came upon meditation. What is meditation? Meditation is a conscious state of breathing techniques to enhance our mind, focus on something, and create a sense of awareness of one’s environment. In essence, it’s like the nervous system; interpreting signals throughout the body to relay information to the brain, and being aware of what’s going on. With this comes equanimity: composure and evenness in a difficult
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