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I come from a world in which I see people struggling. Mexico, my country of birth and my home for my 18 years of life is a country in which 17.7% of teenagers from 16 to 18 years old do not study or work and 16.78% has left school in order to work and help their family. This leaves us with the fact that 34.5% of the population in Mexico, which are part of the range of age in which I fit into, has left school. As I see this statistics I can see how fortunate I am. I have the opportunity to study, to find what I love to do and most importantly I do this with ease. I wake up, put on my clothes and drive to school. Most of the teenagers in Mexico have to take two or more busses to arrive to their school, which forces them to wake up approximately two hours before their classes begin. This leaves me with a sense of responsibility, a sense that I have the duty to help my country and to take the opportunities I have in my hands and make the most of it. As I reflect upon my lifetime goals I see myself in the future as the best version of myself that I can be. I want to expand my knowledge and jump into the beautiful journey that learning is. My country and me are both young, we both need an extraordinary education, and we both need to realize our potential. I want the chance of contributing to the next Chapters in Mexico 's history; they would certainly include my contributions to the welfare and development of Mexico. Only I am responsible for leveraging my talent and potential,

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