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1. My teaching experience with Republic Polytechnic – Centre of Innovation & Enterprise: ODOP – PBL teaching approach I used to be an Academic Associate with the CIE - Republic Polytechnic some 6 years ago. The teaching activity I would be discussing is RP’s “one-day, one problem” - problem-based learning (PBL). The teaching activity would involve 3 meeting sessions spread within the day and the class consists of not more than 25 students which are required to work in teams of usually not more than 5. The teams would focus on how to respond to an assigned “problem” for the day. (RP, 2015) I would start the lesson by presenting to the class a problem statement in the first meeting and the students would discuss the problem statement within their assigned teams usually with a Problem Definition template: what you know, what you don’t know and what you need to find out. During the first meeting, I would not dwell into fine details of the problem statement, but only highlight some key words or clarify some key issues to look out when looking at this problem statement. The students would their first study break where they are supposed to continue with their peer learning, research and scaffolding during this break time so as to further develop some viable approaches for the problem where the teams could elaborate their learning and developments during the second meeting with the rest of the class and the facilitator. During the second meeting, I would check on the

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