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The dry grass scratched my shins as I walked towards the small beach at a cold stream. This was where I would spend my solo day, the most anticipated part of the Bishops Epic, an eighteen day hike in the harsh enviroment of the Cedarburg mountains. where students changed from boys to men. Even in the baking heat, everything was a rush because it would be pitch dark in only two hours. The night sprang up on you and you had to prepare for freezing temperatures. Even so, there was only one thought on my mind. A major part of Epic was opening a letter from your father, which you would read alone, and that was on my mind. Then the moment came and I ripped open the envelope Something that has stuck with me were just three simple words, “I love you”. For a 16 year old who was truly alone for the first time, it made me think. In the letter my father also said, “I know you have the personality, intellect and values to be successful in your life.” These did not seem like empty words parents say more out of hope than conviction. My dad truly believes that I will be successful. What also hit me me was that he said “Don’t let life pass you by”. His words had their impact later when I attended the Summer Program at Brown University. I really enjoyed myself, and met people that became my friends. But at the end of the program one of them told me, ”When I first saw you, I was a bit scared of you.” He said that I appeared to be quiet and intimidating. This is not the person I wanted

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