Reflection Paper

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Growing up I was lucky enough to have nothing but positivity around me, may that be from my family, my friends, or the close knit community that I was a part of, but it all come together to create an uprising that I am proud to call my own.
Although many of these aspects around me lead to who I am today as an individual, I would like to focus on my family and the effects it has had on me. I grew up in a big family with that family always being around the corner from me, which still didn’t stop me from bragging any time my grandpa would pick me up from kindergarten to anyone willing -or not- to listen. I grew up always sure of two things: one, every Saturday I would go grocery shopping with my grandpa and he’d tell me stories ranging from him peeing on a classmate of his, to his experience with World War II, and although I was too young to appreciate it then, now looking back on it I would not have traded those Saturdays for the world. The second certainty in my life was that I had a family that would always love and support me no matter what.
Even if there were more than a few moves throughout my childhood one thing that stayed consistent was the relationship with my family, which made me not just learn but also appreciate the value of family. The biggest and most considering that in 2011 my mom, my little brother and I moved from Mexico to the U.S because my older brother had moved 4 months prior to finish his senior year in the States to get better scholarships and my mom
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