A Narrative Essay On Who I Am Today

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Everyone I’ve met in the last 18 years of my life has had a role in shaping who I am today. We were good friends throughout high school, until, unfortunately, it all took a grim turn on a March day. Towards the end of high school, I had come to the realization that my friends were playing a toxic role in my life. I was constantly pushed towards doing immoral actions and never felt free amongst them. The problems extended outside of school, my mother and I were in everlasting conflict over issues raised about my friends. Having problems at home wasn 't uncommon amongst the group. At the time this sort of attitude seemed normal to me, “If the other kids had problems with their parents then something must be wrong with my mom too”, this flawed mindset is what drove me to isolate…show more content…
I am able to look back and find meaning in every good or bad event. Making the decision of leaving the group was a choice I 'm proud of. That March day marked my transformation into the adult world. The anger I had against the group drove me to better myself. In the year after I left, I matured into a new person. These changes all contributed to getting me a job, losing weight, and finding new friends. I believe the people we meet in our young adulthood have a great impact on our futures. Looking back I feel as if I was blinded towards my friend 's acts. The problems that came with having bad friends extended into my family and created fights at home. As time passed, I understood that my friends were dragging me in their misguided actions. I realized it wasn 't in my nature to be defiant and reckless. I 'm not regretful of leaving my friends, the negativity they were bringing into my life was not worth the fun times we had. Going against my conscience I chose to leave my friends in hopes of a better life. This choice brought many benefits to my life and taught me an important lesson about

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