Reflection Paper Facing Death

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Facing Death
Just the mere thought of dying causes fear. In just a snap of a finger it can alter a person’s life. No one truly ought to view their own death. Visualizing it felt as if it would happen sooner. To come to the point, I’m not yet ready, hence, still enjoying this stunning life. I’m still dreaming and desiring. I’m not yet pleased with what I accomplished.
According to S. Luper (2014), death was interpreted to be the omega of life. He direct that being conscious doesn’t literally meant being alive. Dead means a loss of capacity. Advocate of the loss of life claims that if it exists, it was alive; nevertheless, at that instant, it was not alive. Believing in the afterlife will be our abundant belief which will build our courage to feel that this event in our life will be our transition to the coming immense step we would be encountering. We need to detain our feet on the ground, continue our faith and discover the entire different world waiting for us.
I’m fully aware that death will come. Maybe today, tomorrow, or the adjoining day. No one in point of fact perceives. Before this loss of life I will undergo, I foresee to leave my loved ones in a peaceful condition. As a matter of fact, I believe that acceptance would be my best preparation for my morality. Since no one predicts when this purported judgment day will be, accepting the reality can assist my mind set to focus and live this life as if it will be my last. There were plenty of stuff we crave for; a few
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