Reflection Paper For American Funerals

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I really enjoyed this documentary, even though it was pretty depressing. You would think there would be some moment of hope for change, but if you thought that; then you were wrong. But this documentary was 100 % true and sometimes the truth isn’t all nice and sweet. It was shocking how the documentary started with a funeral, you would never think that an educational documentary would start off so weird. However, their funerals aren’t like boring American funerals. Their funerals are more culuteral, they sing and dance and don’t wear black. Even though they were sad, they were still having fun.
I didn’t know the congo was having so many problems with war, and their park. It’s crazy how many were killed, how many of them work as mining slaves. I think it’s cool that they are fighting so hard to protect the park for gorillas. polchers, killed nine gorillas trying to make a point, that if all the gorillas are dead, then there is no point to protect the park. However, those gorillas can touch anyones heart, cause they sure touched mines. The three gorillas in the sanction, were playful, and happy, they could brighten anybodies day. They reminded me of little babies, who just wants to be loved. It was that the only male gorilla died, I could have cried during that scene. However, it was ironic that he
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Once workers from the sanction learned that there was oil under the park, the only thing they could think of was MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, and how fast they could get it. They began working under the table with SOCO, trying to get somewhat of a “pay day”. SOCO the oil company, perpective about the gorilla sanction is pretty negative, one of the representive from SOCO in the documentary said: “ Who gives a shit about a fucking monkey.” They are all about the money, but to me monkeys are more important than money. It’s crazy how the workers turned on gorillas that have loved them, for a piece of dirty
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