Reflection Paper For Money From A Stranger

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Reflection Paper 1 “Should I Ask for Money from a Stranger?” I was in the bus stop to went home and do not have any money for bus fare at the time. Even is not a serious money and I am only asked for 30 Peso for bus fare, I feel uncomforted and embarrassed considering a foreigner who cannot speak native language and it is concerning the money. And I will not ask the money from a stranger if only have alternatives to conceive a decision. I approach some person, told him that I was forgot to bring my wallet and asked him politely if he could help me to lend his money for bus fare and I would pay it later. He staring at me and ask, “How much money do you need?” I said the bus fare is 29 Peso. He gave me 30 Peso and refused me to pay it later. Before I decided to ask him regarding the situation, it might be several questions such, Should I ask for money from a stranger? Is it ethical? What is the perception from the person I asked for money in this situation? Asking a Favor Individual cannot be separated from social in spite individual is a member from social. There is an engagement between individual and social, thus individual is a social being. Social interaction between individual cannot be avoided in day to day life activity. One specific social interaction is asking a favor. A favor is a kind of action that person do for others advantage such a money. Asking a favor occasionally is not comfort especially from person I did not know or a stranger. It could be have a
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