Reflection Paper In English

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Good evening , Ms. Collen A. Barry I am a transfer student and WGS .18 is on of course for this semester my professor is Benjamin Persky and I am going through something with him which is beyond my understanding The class was having their first paper(ferminism) to turn them in october 7,2014.He were advised by the Professor to bring in our outline and a the proposal of the paper and the paper so he can go over and help us do corrections,hence I e-mail him my first outline for him to correct my mistakes as he promised. Quickly he sent me back a message that my outline was a plagiarize so I should come and see him. I then went back to my paper rewrite them again and send it to him. After, he e-mail the me to come see him in whch I did and for less than three weks of the begining of the semester he told me to drop from the class. This began our conversation : Sep 26 "Hi Jonathan,It looks like your proposal and thesis is plagiarized. I strongly suggest you come speak to me as soon as possible. As you know,students who plagiarize immediately fail the class". Benjamin So I went to see him and during our converstion as early as the first three weeks he told me to drop the class verbally and insisted I am not compitent to be in the class and even If I move to any other gender class I am going to fail proud to these conversation I had already met with Catherine Raissiguier who adviced me to try as much as possible to meet with the professor so we can settele
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