Reflective Essay On Gaitas

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When I decide what I want to study I reflect my decisión based on what I did on high school work in Gaitas. The work that I made in Gaitas was gratifaying and I learn a lot how to share with friends, how to control and guide a group to succeed, and the most important fight for our dream to win the competitions in which we participated. The decisión to came to the United States of America is for learn another language to prepare myself, so I study in different states like Texas, Massachusetts and Florida. However, I have to took a decisión between studying in Barcelona, Spain or Miami, Florida. I choose Miami for the closeness to my country Venezuela also because I didn´t want to lose the language that I already learned. My career for me is important because is something that I really want to study and I know that I´m good to manager a company and sell what I propuse to. But, before to start I realise that I need a college mission statement to complete my goals and how to control the new changes that came with the new experiences. I know that college will bring stress and anxiety, so one of the thing I have been doing is to make scheduals and practice yoga as a way to relax before to facing a obstacle or opportunity.
Also, I consider myself very responsable, however as we learn in classes the easy way
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I also apply some tips before to take a tests and reduce the anxiety and making sure I can anwers all the questions, such as asking questions, finding and understanding key words. Is important to write clearly to be understood and succeesful because good writers become stronger and confident and support your ideas when you want to express something special. To control the time you need to focused like planning, prioritizing and managing time effectively. I a used to be focused on my plans to get good result and adapted to my routines to manange my time
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