Nursing Facilitation Reflective Report

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As we approach graduation many BScN students are prepping their resumes and settling into the mindset of “I’ll apply to anything, just hire me!” We thought it was important to ensure that our future graduate think ahead to all the many different nursing careers that are out there, what role they think they would be happiest in, what training might be needed for that role and how to be successful in the interview. This reflection will examine my experience working as a group to complete a facilitation in the Nursing 4Q03 class.
Facilitation Experience (planning, conducting, evaluating) For this facilitation I collaborated with Ashley, Camille, Christina, and Sharon. Our topic was career paths and continuing education. Our scenario
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Over the years I have learned to participate without feeling the need to dominate the situation. I have also learned to trust others to contribute to group work and do their part. Throughout this facilitation process I felt an unusual sense of powerlessness, a lack of control over both the content, as well as the presentation and I often felt as though I wasn’t heard, or that my opinion didn’t matter. There was too much noise and confusion with other members desperately needing to control things. However, upon reflecting on this facilitation process I have come to realize that at the bedside in nursing I will be interacting with some very strong personalities, in particular frightened and frustrated patients and family members. Some of these people will sit back and trust in the medical system completely, and others will want to control everything that they possibly can to gain some sort of semblance in their lives. It is crucial that I be able to read when a person has a “need” for control, and if I can safely turn that control over to them, then I should. When it comes to fighting for control, it comes down to the old saying of “how important is it

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