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172173 BS ME MLA Reflection Paper #1 “What is Poetry to Me?” What I think of poetry before was a bunch of cryptic and hard to understand complicated words, lines, and sentences that are just randomly put together. During high school, I try to avoid being called to recite the poem out loud, because it didn’t understand it and probably just read it monotonously without feelings and emotions. I admit I didn’t like poems, because for me they are really hard to analyze and I couldn’t guess what it is trying to say. It didn’t not last long though. During my last year in high school my teacher required us to memorize a poem and recite it in front of the class with feelings and emotions. The title of the poem is My Native Land by Sir Walter Scott. I still remember it because it was this poem that started my journey with poetry. That poem was the 1st poem that I actually understood what it’s trying to say. It made me realize how even a short poem can contain a long story and full of emotions. At this point, I’m in amicable terms with poetry. Sometime during the year, I went to the guidance office to pass time and chit chat with the counselors. On top of a desk was a book with a black cover, it intrigued me and I started to read it. The content of the book were poems and short stories. I was so into it and didn’t realize that the counselor was talking to me. He asked if I liked it. I answered him honestly that I loved it. While reading the poems in the book, I realize that I could

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