Reflection Paper On 24 Hours Without Using Contemporary Electronics

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We are now in the year 2018, where contemporary electronic media is everywhere. Everyone uses contemporary electronics in their everyday lives since it has become a norm to our society. All around us is contemporary electronics and according to Daily Mail, the average person spends more than 8 hours and 41 minutes on an electronic device. If someone had to cut themselves off from electronics in today’s society for 24 hours, I don’t think the majority of humankind would be able to. I say this because now a day everyone relies on their electronics as a way to communicate, work, educate, agriculture, banking, transportation, music, and much more. For 24 hours I will be able to experience this world without using any contemporary electronics. Before I started my 24 hours without using contemporary electronics, I sat down and took the time to think about how this experience would affect me negatively and positively. I believed this experience would affect me in a…show more content…
I say this because in today’s world, everyone relies on some kind of electronic device and to not have any will put you behind in this world. For example, I have school work that’s online like typing this paper right now that can only be done on some kind of electronic device. I also need my iPhone to communicate with others, check my emails, listen to music, watch the news, etc. Without having any of those things for 24 hours, it made it real difficult to do homework, talk to friends, and to connect with the world. The positive things that I got out of this experience was, I was able to have longer conversations and connect more with my family, get closer to God, and play with my dog Milo. I definitely wouldn’t do this again because almost everything revolves around contemporary electronics and it’s become a norm in our society that if you don’t use them, you’ll end up getting left

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