Reflection Paper On Anxiety

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Anxiety is a feeling of worry and typical uneasiness of situations in life that can have an outcome related to stress. This definition of concern is one that I can easily relate to because while journaling for the past week, I realized whenever I become anxious, it leads to immediate stress. The experience that I have had with anxiety in the last seven days have veered toward my education, relationships, and self-esteem. The concern I had with school work this week was worry, regarding whether I was smart enough to be in the major I applied for, or if it is what God has planned for me. I struggle daily with whether I am fulfilling God’s purpose in my life by studying the major I am, and I worry that I will never be good enough to live up to the expectations my education demands from me. My mind is continuously worrying about whether I will complete assignments on time, pass exams, or be able to manage my work schedule for the next week. I was anxious all…show more content…
The humanistic perspective of anxiety is based off people not looking at themselves honestly, and not accepting their worth. I believe this relates to my experience because I do not recognize the value of my life at times which is why I worry if I look acceptable to the people around me. Usually, I try to meet my harsh self-standards instead of valuing the worth of my life. Whereas, the cognitive aspect of anxiety states that a person has a faulty-thinking process and unreasonable assumptions. I often make irrational assumptions in my classes because I am not confident I will pass a test, which is making me, in turn, have a faulty-thinking process about my intelligence. I think these two theories help me the most because I believe that at times I have faulty-assumptions about myself, which lead me to worry, as well as not accepting my worth or purpose in
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