Reflection Paper On Behavioral Change

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Behavioral Change Project Reflection Paper Summary I have two goals for this behavioral change project: sleep before 12:30 am and stopping surfing the Internet with the cellphone on bed before sleep. These two bad habits gradually developed from last year and I have attempted to change it several times before this semester. For example, I tried to replace using cellphone with reading and leave phone at the other room, but it did not work for a long time and I could persevere for less than a week. I wanted to change these two undesirable behaviors because of two reasons. First, after I got into the habit of staying up, I often felt sleepy and sometimes lacked concentration during the daytime. Second, I missed the time when I still maintained the habit of not staying up. During that period, I was more energetic and I could handle my workload better because of enhanced concentration capability. Since at the beginning of the semester I usually spent more than one hour on mobile phone before sleep, my general strategy was to reduce the using time by 10 minutes per day. To achieve this goal, I did self-monitoring on a daily basis in order to remind me aware of my problematic behavior and my progress. Furthermore, as my roommate also suffered from the same problem, I invited her to change the undesirable behavior as well. However, the effectiveness of the strategy was not stable and lasting. In the initial stage, I often made different excuses for myself, such as no morning

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