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My Expectations of Beverly International and Rich Daugherty were fulfilled with a
1st Place Middleweight ChampionshipMy first taste of bodybuilding was spurred by my brother Girard who had always thought I had a bodybuilding physique --that always stuck in the back of my mind. My motivation to train as a bodybuilding competitor came after moving to Waco and hearing that some of the guys in my gym were preparing for a contest. I went to watch my first local show and realized the competition was much more fierce than what I was seeing in my gym. I think my motivation grew even more when people doubted my ability and dedication to go through the rigorous process of becoming a successful bodybuilder (that and I REALLY wanted one of those trophies!) Just looking at the surface,
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Two weeks after that I met Johnnie face to face and I couldn 't believe how nice he was. He invited me to his gym to train with him and we trained back that particular day. Today my back double bicep is one of my favorite poses. I had a lot of people that was a major influences on my desire to compete and to never give up when I didn 't place well. I met Rich at the 2000 Capitol of Texas Bodybuilding Championships and we kept in touch via email over the year.
We spoke in person again after the 2001 Ronnie Coleman Classic Bodybuilding Championships where I didn 't do as good as I had hoped. I was ready to give it up and Rich talked me into giving it one more shot while working with him. So
I decieded to do the capitol of Texas that was two weeks later. So after the Ronnie Coleman Classic, Rich and I and went to work on fine tuning my diet and supplementation for the 2001 Capitol of Texas Bodybuilding. Remember there were only 2 weeks between the Ronnie Coleman and the Capitol of Texas so we didn 't have much time.

I didn 't have much of a supplement plan before meeting with Rich. However, my offseason supplements consisted
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