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Summary We are DTM, we are from the school Advanced Technology Academy. We would really appreciate it if our proposal was accepted. We would love to come and to be able to have the experience of being at competition. In our proposal, you will learn everything we learnt about bridges. You will learn about the history of bridges, different kinds of trusses and many more things. As a team we encountered many problems with building our bridges. We went through many rough drafts and ideals of how we wanted our bridge to look and how we wanted it to be built. We use two different softwares to design our bridge, we use West Point Bridge Builder and we also use Bentley MicroStation Power Drawer. While working on this bridge we learned many things we…show more content…
I like do a lot of hands on activities like bridge building. I am actually the main builder of our team. I have more experience as a hands on learner. than a visual or lecture learner. From a young age, I always loved taking things apart and put them back together.For example I used to take the tires, chains, and pedals off the bike and put it right back together I am from a family of six with 3 other siblings. I am the second oldest out of my…show more content…
We went through many designs and also many prototypes. I made a proposition that all three of us make our own trusses and our own designs of towers and we did that. So, when we finished that we compared our trusses and tower designs and Terrell 's truss design won our debate and we agreed on a tower design.We had finished our truss and our bridge was suspended not until we were setting up to test our bridge that we realized that or tower were too big. They wouldn 't be able to fit on the Pitsco tester. So we destroyed the bridge after we tested. Then we created almost perfect truss side. But, Unfortunately one of them were

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