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The Buddhism as a worldview has influenced me a lot. Five years ago, my classmate met a man who was much older. She became pregnant at age 16 and was very happy because they are going to have a baby. I was furious because she was my friend and I was sure that this is the end of her education and career. From my perspective, it was not right to have a child without any education, income and living-space. However, now I do not think so, even if I still believe that her actions were not good ones. Buddhism teaches people to perceive others decisions as ones that are right and good for themselves because they are the creators of own lives. Due to Buddhism I understood that people are unique and, as a result, their actions and perception of god…show more content…
Buddhists approach helped me to clarify my own thoughts and led them to the more peace-oriented way. The behavior has also changed in the same way. Earlier I was highly involved in different types of debates while now I prefer to accept an opponents position as one that has a right for existence. In addition, I have never really thought about commitment to the Earth. However, after going deeper into Buddhists understanding of balance in nature and how everything is connected, made a huge influence to my attitude to problems connected with…show more content…
This is just another prove that Buddhists teaches people how to become happy at the moment, not in the past or in the future. However, why this quote is intriguing is due to an idea about laughing at the sky. Is it happened because of understanding of what a full you were? Or it happened because of discovery of how everything is perfect but then why we need to laugh? Buddha was one of the greatest philosophers not only as Buddhists but in as a person who understood the world

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