Reflection Paper On Buddhism

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The Buddhism as a worldview has influenced me a lot. Five years ago, my classmate met a man who was much older. She became pregnant at age 16 and was very happy because they are going to have a baby. I was furious because she was my friend and I was sure that this is the end of her education and career. From my perspective, it was not right to have a child without any education, income and living-space. However, now I do not think so, even if I still believe that her actions were not good ones. Buddhism teaches people to perceive others decisions as ones that are right and good for themselves because they are the creators of own lives. Due to Buddhism I understood that people are unique and, as a result, their actions and perception of god and bad are also different. So now I look at my ex-classmates’ decision is the best one for her because she is the one who has chosen it. If I would have met her today I would not say that she was wrong by making the decision to create a family at the age of 16, simply it is the way her life is going. All in all, at the current life stage I try to do my best in following the open-mind principle because, if I will not be able to hear others, it will mean that I failed my self-development goal.
To sum up, during the time while I was writing this paper based on Buddhists approach, I have discovered that this type of worldview may teach how to become happy. Buddhism teachings are constructed on the principle what we have now – is the best
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