Reflection Paper On Career Fair

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The Career Fair for the Liberal Arts & Business students was an interesting experience. I am glad that I went for the reason to get some experience before I go to the next one. I had absolutely no idea what to expect or do. The environment itself was not overwhelming but attempting to talk to the different business made me feel nervous and unprepared. Now that I have gone I understand that I need to have questions prepared, I feel I would do much better at it. The booths I did go to were very friendly and I think I choose ones that I could see myself applying for. At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) booth, I learned about a summer internship program offered by the FBI. You can choose any three different locations in the country to apply to. I was told that the Intelligence sector of the FBI would be the best for me, but there are others that they offer as well. I also…show more content…
They also offer a summer internship program but what was interesting was a round-table forum in the Spring. The roundtable is an opportunity to talk to employees and to learn about different opportunities inside the World-Herald. While not overtly connected to Global Studies, I think reporting could be an interesting angle on that subject. If I decided to take that route I would definitely apply for this program and go to the round-table. Overall the Career Fair was overwhelming. Nearly all those who went from UNL were dressed in formal suits and dresses with professional portfolios and briefcases. The booths varied on how they were dressed the most professional companies had a formal look while places such as Peace Corps. and College Possibilities were dressed down. My biggest problem at the Career Fair was that I was expecting for the employers to ask questions and I found that I had to lead the conversations. It was difficult to figure out what to do or say to the employers, I felt very out of place and out of my
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