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Reflection I observed many different forms of child development theories, techniques and conditioning just watching this little boy play an All-American game of football.
The Physical Development Boy A’s physical development seems to be on the right track for his age. He is about 3 to 4 feet tall and may weighs between 30 to 40 lbs. He cannot keep up exactly with the older boys, but he does not appear to lag to far behind. He is not as strong or as fast as they are, but he has good muscle tone and strength in is arms and legs. His breathing is deep but not stifling. he is not coughing when he inhales nor exhales. He appears tired, but he does not take any breaks as I have seen some of the other boys do. When a few of them stopped play Boy A just continue to play with the ones that were on the grass.
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He can climb and is careful when he does. He used both hand and steadied himself making sure both of his feet were firmly secure on the top of the wall fence, he stood straight up and lifted both his arms and hands in the air, he bent his knees putting more weight on his legs and inner core of his stomach to balance his self on the wall/fence. Before speaking and letting the other boys know that he wanted the ball. While watching Boy A I was aware that operant conditioning was demonstrated. Boy A is still learning the physical characteristics and movements needed in order to play the game. The older boys attempt to show him how to hold, throw and tuck the ball. He made attempts to mimic what he saw them do. He also mimics the boys in the pile up, by spreading his self out in the starfish position while he was being placed at the top of the pile. He mimics their language by saying “I am open” and also shouting out the word “touchdown” when he made a

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