Reflection Paper On Christ In The Old Testament

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The word Christology is defined as, “a field of study within Christian theology which is concerned with the nature of Jesus Christ, particularly with how the divine and human are related in his person(hypostatic union) The word Christology comes from the Greek word meaning Christ, Messiah and Word, when combined it is the study of Christ. When thinking about Christology, there are various themes that come under this topic, one is the pre-existence of Christ, the Incarnation (His Virgin birth), the life of Christ, the fact of God and Man, the fact of Why he died on the Cross and the fact of where Jesus is now and the fact of His Coming Again. So this topic regarding Christology goes vey wide and deep because this theme covers pre-existence to later coming and moreover there is a period that is added in between his timeline in the earth as a man. Covering all the topics would really take a research paper, but in this reflection paper I would like to express my understanding about the study of Christ in the preferred reading and the Old Testament and New Testament. Without the Old Testament we cannot derive the knowledge about Christ, Ignoring the Old Testament is like ignoring a considerable portion of the Scripture about Christ. Before getting the prominent view of Christ in the New Testament, Christ was actively portrayed in the Old testament as well. In the Old Testament the areas of prominence were Creator and the Provider.

Furthermore, the basic
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