Reflection Paper On Christianity

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I am a Christian I am a Christian that is my title, and that is who I am. I do not like to worship in a loud manner, I do not like praying in public, and I do not like people speaking into my life that do not know me. I hate being defined as something I am not so let me be clear to explain who I am; I am a child of a living God, a daughter of a mighty Father, and a worshipper of the Alpha and Omega. I am not completely conservative, and I am not completely liberal, I like to think I am a healthy in between . I was not here for first semester, but there are some things in Psychology from a Christian perspective that I do not agree with. Christianity from Noebel’s point of view puts Christian ministers at the same level of Psychologists. I personally believe that a Christian minister can deal with problems, but they are not always guided by the Holy Spirit and Psychologists go to school for problems of the soul, whereas Pastors learn a little bit about problems with the soul, but they are not centrally focused on it for their whole education.
Noebel states that, “Biblical Christian ethics is inseparable from theology because it is grounded in the character of God.” I believe that this is absolutely true, we as Christians know what is wrong or right based on the Bible. If it is a “gray” area we seek counsel from the church, or pray about the situation. The Bible is pretty clear on what sin is and what sin is not. Our motives should be pure in everything that we do. I
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