Christopher Columbus: Final Trip To The Americas

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Question: 1. Imagine that you are Christopher Columbus and are on your final trip to the Americas. Write in your diary, about the situation in the ‘New World” and record all the things that you have to report to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Today May 11, 1502 I am about to sail from Cadiz Spain on my fourth voyage back to the Americas in order to find the strait Malacca link between the Indies and the India Ocean. One hundred and fourth men including my youngest son Fernando who is thirteen and my brother Bartholomew will accompany me, along with four old ships, Santiago de Palos, Capitana, Vizcaina and Gllega. I rescued the Portuguese soldiers of the coast of Arzila Moroccan who
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There was a storm coming and I warned Governor Niclous Ovando about the storm but he did not adhere to my warning and he lost twenty-four ships, and he also denied me entry to the port of Santo Domingo, my ships got damaged but we repaired them.
I had built a garrison in Panama, which was attacked by Indians on April 6th; here I lost one ship and a number of men. I was denied entry to Hispaniola because the natives said that my administration was ineffective and cruel, but I went anyway. We lost a lot of men and all four ships in the fourth voyage and I did not find a passage to the west. I believe that the islands of the Caribbean are part of the Asian Continent.
Christopher Columbus will forever be imbedded in our minds as the man who discovered the New World who opened up the channel for the colonization of the Europeans, which brought diseases, religion, plants animals and culture to the Americas; he would also be remembered for the destruction that the native people endured during his island explorations conquest such as rapes and murder and also the plagues that he bought to them. Christopher Columbus never sailed again he died at the age of fifty-five on May 20th,
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