Reflection Paper On Classroom Management

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My Teaching Practice (TP) observation lasted nine weeks with Miss Hessa Ali, an Arabic teaching class teacher in Al Darari Kindergarten. She showed a really positive approach in teaching and classroom management, she treated her students like her own and used positive reinforcement most of the time. B.F. Skinner believed that “The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount.” I remembered that while I was observing her classroom management strategies. The basic definition of positive classroom management is when the teacher is able to control the classroom and know her students ' levels in learning, is able to handle every situation that occurs in the classroom professionally, she has to be fair towards all students, and listen to her students’ opinions on how the classroom rules should be and involve them so that they can all agree on the rules. Transitioning Transitioning is when the teacher moves her students from one place to another for example from the centers to the circle time area. Jake Kounin believes that effective transitioning is when the teacher keeps her flow and doesn 't suddenly abrupt a change. Miss Hessa Ali uses the singing strategy where she sings a song that involves three students ' names at a time, and whenever three names are sung those students can leave the place that they 're in and so on. When leaving the classroom, she tells them to line up in two rows one for girls and one for boys. Compared to my

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