Reflection Paper On Clinical Experience

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I had the pleasure of visiting with Mrs. Cooke’s fifth grade class during my clinical experiences. Mrs. Cooke has a great rapport with her students and has very little difficult actively engaging students in learning. One of the “takeaways” from my visit references the students’ and teachers’ commitment to the principles of “The Leader in Me”. From a school-wide perspective, East Elementary School does not practice the traditional positive behavior interventions. Instead, the administration has adopted the ideals and principles behind “The Leader in Me”. The Leader in Me teaches students 21st century leadership and life skills and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader (FranklinCovey, 2009). The program has created 7 habits that promote a positive learning environment. The program is also aligned to several national and state academic standards. The program is designed to teach students about life skills such as responsibility, accountability, leadership and initiative. The learning environment is designed to be student-led. This means that within each classroom, the various roles that teachers serve are now entrusted to the student. Students control the flow of transitions, answering the intercom calls, greeting visitors, passing out papers, and ensuring that their classmates are on task. I fully intend to implement these strategies into my classroom. I observed the students in their various roles and the most

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