Case Study: Oregon Urology Institute

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For my senior project, I observed surgeries and clinical visits at Oregon Urology Institute. I selected this area of study for my senior project because I have always had an interest in the practice of medicine. I wanted to learn why modern medicine is perceived widely as safe and reliable. Going into this project, I had some idea about what a surgical environment would be like. For the last two years, I have been volunteering in Mackenzie Willamette’s emergency department. I helped around and talked to a lot of people in the medical profession and I observed how they communicated with each other. I saw the benefits of good communication and how it can positively improve the work environment. And I saw how negative communication can distract from what really matters; providing safe and reliable care for the patients. So coming into this project I wanted to take what I had observed and…show more content…
Ferguson had a long discussion on safety in the operating room. Before each surgery, the surgeon performs a pause. The pause safety practice in medicine where the name, age, procedure, allergies, and area of the surgery are stated to the entire surgical staff. The staff listens and make sure That all the information stated is correct, and if not or if everyone is not on the same page there is a chance to clarify what is going on. When I finally saw the pause in action I was impressed about how formal it was. It made sense, there needs to be communication so that 's there are no mistakes or misunderstandings. Surgery is a big deal, you don 't want to accidentally begin to remove the wrong kidney, or give them some medicine that could cause an allergic reaction. Furthermore, there 's also a formal side to communication in an operating room which I feel is equally as important as the mandatory pause. Using positive communication and maintaining a healthy relationship with your coworkers is crucial to have a safe
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