Reflection Paper On Community Service

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Individual Reflection Paper Goo Lyann B1601526 Department of Psychology MPU 3223 Ms Tong Li Fern How Am I Different After the Community Service Experience? After engaging in community service by collecting funds for the rental of Lighthouse, I gained some insight on the social issues prevailing in the society. First and foremost, I obtained direct experience in the issue of child abuse. Before this service, child abuse seemed to be far away from my life as I grew up in a harmonious family. Besides, people around me, especially my peers were also cherished with love. However, this project gave me direct exposure of the unfortunate incidents of the children in the home. Seeing the children in the home made me aware that child abuse does exist in the reality with a considerably large amount, as compared to those few serious cases reported in the news. Additionally, I am aware that the society has to be caring towards these unfortunate children, instead of solely relying on governmental or non-governmental organizations in providing after-care to mediate the trauma faced by the children. Furthermore, this community service brought me into the issue of homelessness. Growing up in an average family, I never had to face with serious financial issues. Despite having to spend wisely and sacrifice certain unnecessary wants, the idea of homelessness never appeared in my mind. Nevertheless, the community service made me aware of this prevailing issue, in which people with

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