Reflection Paper On Dance

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Growing up, I was a competitive dancer from the ages of 5 to 18. I know most people would not consider dance a sport, but it was my form of physical activity. During the elementary school years, I had dance class on Saturday mornings. As I grew older, the number of dance classes increased to twice a week, three times a week, and eventually every single day towards the end of my “career”. I never played any sports simply because I did not have time to but, it was fine because I loved dancing. I loved having somewhere to go after school and on the weekends, I loved all of the friends I made over the years, I loved travelling for competitions, and I loved winning. I am not trying to brag but, we won a lot. I would consider my dance school the best in Cape Breton. We didn’t always win, though. When I first began dancing and entering competitions, everybody got a medal so there really was no competition. What I like to call the “middle years”, age 9-12, we were not very good at all. It seemed as though everyone else was progressing with new techniques and costumes while we were stuck doing 90’s dance moves and wearing costumes from the olden days. It was around this time when my dance teacher began travelling around the world to attend workshops put on by professional dancers. During these workshops, she learned so many new techniques and styles that she brought home to us. After this, it was an uphill battle for us. We had to put in the work in order to advance to the next

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