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I have always been interested in dance, and though I have not watched a technique class I have participated in many such as hip-hop, jazz, and tap. Also, being a cheerleader in high school I had plenty of opportunities to watch the dance leaders rehearse for their next competition which showed me how hard dance truly is. Observing a college technique and rehearsal dance class was a great experience where I learned how complex and beautiful dance really is. Dance is an art that is practiced and celebrated all over the world, and being able to observe the technique and rehearsal class I was able to explore the similarities and differences which made me appreciate dance so much more. Hip-hop is a creative form of art that started in Bronx, New York. I knew I wanted to observe this technique class because I find hip-hop interesting, entertaining, and creative. Dance 42A is a beginning level class with around twenty-five to thirty students that focuses on hip-hop’s technique, movement, and a small amount of background. The class starts off with a warm-up dance and then onto movements where they isolate the different parts of the body such as the head and rib cage, which I assume they learned in previous classes because they know what they are doing with little help from the instructor. I can tell that the students and instructor have a good relationship because they are not afraid to make jokes and they are very confident in asking for help, as any dancer should be. In

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