Reflection Paper On Domestic Violence

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I found the content of this week’s discussion post to be very interesting and stimulating. I have heard some of the mentioned terms and material in previous criminal justice courses, but have never examined it from the viewpoint of a child. In my previous classes, I always drew the connections of IPV between spouses but never analyzed the impact on children. Despite the material focusing on the effect domestic violence has on children, I also noticed many ties to the issues of masculinity which can be dated back centuries. In a review of this week 's topics, one can see issues brought on by masculinity that is not only prevalent today but has been for a while. To understand these issues, one must begin by looking at the History of the Battered Women’s Movement. From the very beginning, women have been deemed inferior by society and subject to objectification and ownership by their husbands. A section of the History of Battered Women’s Movement that alludes to the idea of patriarchal ownership, is in c. 300 A.D when “The Church fathers re-establish the husband’s patriarchal authority and the patriarchal values of Roman and Jewish law. The Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, has his wife burned alive when she is no longer of use to him” (The History of Battered Women’s Movement, 1999). The part of this statement that stood out to me was the part stating “when she is no longer of use to him” (The History of Battered Women’s Movement, 1999). This alarmed me for it clearly

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